We are pleased to announce that the Polish Dynamic Billard 10-Ball Open has received the support of the City of Kielce. The tournament will be held at the Grand Hotel Kielce on March 14-17. The prizing is 80.000 USD.

– The city of Kielce positively considered the application for support for our Billiards World Cup. Kielce is once again joining the initiative to promote billiards not only in our region, but also in Poland – notes the president of the East European Billiard Council, Marcin Krzeminski, tournament director.

Kielce has hosted billiards events many times in its history. The capital of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship hosts annual Billiards Festivals, the Polish Billiards Championships, meetings of the Billiard Ekstraklasa, as well as numerous tournaments with the participation of children and teenagers.

At the beginning of 2023, Targi Kielce hosted the World Pool Championship, won by Francisco Sánchez Ruíz. – Polish Dynamic Billard 10-Ball Open World Cup will be another great billiards event in Kielce – says Marcin Krzeminski.

The city benefits from such events. About 200 people from 25 countries around the world will come to the capital of our region on these days. – They will leave a considerable amount of money in Kielce, which will benefit local entrepreneurs. Of course, it is also a promotion of the city. The competition from all sixteen tables located in the Grand Hotel Kielce will be broadcast – adds the tournament director.

The World Cup will be held in Kielce on March 14-17.

Photo by Patryk Ptak

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